Notes for Design [Trends] Tips

1. Change the usual patterns

2. Should the designer be able to draw the icons? Absolutely

3. Keep a contrast in UI

4. Presentation


5. Visual Hierarchy

1. Expectation and reality

2. Tab bar functionality

3. Symmetry is boring

4. Reference searching

visual & UI design — the closest reference
explores the related areas - graphics, photographs, fashion magazines and so on.

5. Less is more

1. Animation in UI

2. Photo Content in UI

3. Work with fonts

4. Light UI vs. Dark UI

on Dark dashboard, attention is more focused on functional elements

5. Unified pictogram style

1. Subtle animation

2. Neumorphism (同態)

3. Large images

4. Breaking the rules

5. Variable fonts (in a single fonts)

6. Humanity (e.g. Handwriting)

7. Distinctive art direction